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107 Charlotte Street, Edmore, MI 48829
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+1 989-427-2844

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  • Kittyanna Kay
    Aug, 17 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I've had current workers, past workers and relatives of the ones who run it tell me how full of drama and what a horrible place it is! If I could go less than one star, I would!

    I know recently of a girl that became assistant manager but had her position taken away right as soon as she got it because another girl was jealous and got a new worker to say that she was sleeping on the job with a blanket over her. Nothing would of been done because it was hear say, except those two nasty girls manipulated a client into saying it happened, as well. That was never looked into, instead the girl lost her manager position and it was given to the jealous girl, who mind you, wears her PAJAMAS to work, other than to what??? Luckily, she was caught not that long ago taking a nap on the job and her position was removed, obviously.

    I would be expecting a lot of people to be quitting here soon with the way this place is ran. And I hope people planning on working there know what they are getting themselves into.
    The way they deal with situations makes no sense, no proper order in their system.
    I feel worried for the clients there with the staff they choose to hire and the lack of monitoring on the company's behalf.

    Sure is some sort of "quality care management", but it isn't good!

    I was so upset when I hear the same thing from over 20 people about this place. Everyone around the town knows its a joke and I'm wondering if the guardians do to.... I would NEVER send my loved ones to be looked after you people! Your facility is hazardous!
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